Buffon Wants Juventus Fix Performance

Buffon Wants Juventus Fix Performance

Gianluigi Buffon revealed if Juventus have to clean up so as not to make their fans disappointed this season.

The reason, the team is expected to defend the Serie A title this season, but it has a big influence after the team did not appear aggressive in the transfer market then.

And criticism for Massimiliano Allegri increasingly swift after the 1-2 defeat of Lazio last weekend. And a 2-2 draw by Atalanta despite winning 2-0 first.

“We have to keep trying to improve ourselves again,” Buffon told local media.

“We have all the fans pushing us and we do not want to disappoint them.”

Chronology of the Passing of Persela goalkeeper Choirul Huda

Chronology of the Passing of Persela goalkeeper Choirul Huda

Persela Lamongan goalkeeper, Choirul Huda, passed away on Sunday (15/10/2017) afternoon.

The trigger is the clash of Huda with teammate, Ramon Rodrigues, in the game of League 1 counter Semen Padang at Surajaya Stadium.

In the 44th minute, Huda tried to secure the goal from Marcel Sacramento threat, but his chest instead of the foot of Rodrigues.

Huda could move, then unconscious. The medical team immediately rushed the goalkeeper to the hospital with an ambulance.

Before being rushed to the hospital, 38-year-old figure was able to get help with oxygen aids.

“It was still conscious and complaining of pain in the chest, then unconscious,” said one medical team that helped evacuate to the hospital.

Until RSUD dr Soegiri, Huda again get a breathing apparatus that is permanent.

“That way, we hope to do the same heart brain pump,” said Anastesi Specialist Doctor Yudhisthira.

Added by Yudistiro that Huda could show the skin is red, but his condition continues to decline.

There is no response from the player in an hour of heart pump and brain. Finally, the team of doctors stated that Huda died at 16:45 pm.

“We are desperate to restore the vital function of Choirul Huda’s body,” said Yudhisthira.


According to Yudhisthira’s diagnosis, there was a collision in the chest and lower jaws of Huda.

The player is suspected of having chest trauma, head, and neck. Inside the neck, there is a bone marrow that connects the brain stem.

“Maybe that’s what caused Choirul Huda to stop his heart and breath,” Yudhisthira said.

Previously, some initial allegations arose about the cause of the death of Choirul Huda, one of them because of hypoxia. Then comes the diagnosis as Yudhisthira suggests.


Huda departure information received by Persela players right after the long whistle counter counter Semen Padang. Persela won 2-0, but the tripoin ranks as empty because their captain age.

Loud crying came from several players, including goalkeeper Ferdiansyah. A similar reaction was shown by Persela supporters, La Mania.

“Huda! Huda,” the shouting of a supporter followed by his colleagues.

The atmosphere of Surajaya Stadium suddenly rumbled with the cry of Choirul Huda from all La Mania who attended.

La Mania together with all Persela Lamongan officials had a moment of silence to pray for Choirul Huda.


Huda before closing age is a different figure. Recognized coach Aji Santoso, the player looks more excited in practice sessions.

“I judge that he is most prepared even though Ferdiansyah is also ready,” said Aji.

Thus, Huda get a chance to play as a starter against Semen Padang, after being reserved in several previous games.

No one thought that the game counter Semen Padang is the ultimate for Huda.

No one would have guessed that some of Huda’s unusual requests before the game were clues.

“Before the game, he had time to ask for socks and other new equipment to Toni (Persela team equipment section),” said defender Samsul Arifin, Sunday (15/10/2017) night.

Not only Samsul, Persela young players, Ahmad Birrul Walidain, also had received an unusual request from Huda.

“Yesterday night before the game, he asked to buy avocado juice, but usually it was asked to buy fried rice, only yesterday asked to buy juice,” said Fahmi.

Now, everything about Huda is just a story. She’s gone.

Over all services, including 454 matches with Persela and defending only one club throughout his career, Huda deserves to be called a legend.

Doctor Ultimatum Striker Mahal Barcelona

Doctor Ultimatum Striker Mahal Barcelona

Dr. Sakari Orava gave the ultimatum to Barcelona’s expensive striker Ousmane Dembele Lapakjudibola.com. The muscle expert asked Dembele not to think about the many things that caused her stress.

Dembele suffered a hamstring injury when Barcelona won 2-1 at Getafe on 16 September. The striker, who bought Barcelona 145 million euros it should be absent for four months.

“For now, Dembele’s recovery is going well, he is like any other young player, very optimistic to be healed,” said Orava, a doctor who oversaw Dembele’s injury, quoted by FourFourTwo.

Only, Orava asks Dembele not to think of his status as the most expensive young player in the world. It would make the 20-year-old striker suffered excessive stress.

“I ask him to be more careful during the rehabilitation period, he feels uncomfortable because of the pressure around him I think his transfer to Barcelona could affect his injury recovery,” he said.

Dembele has appeared in three games with Barcelona with a duration of playing for 122 minutes. The Frenchman has recorded a donation of one assist.

No Want to Play More Series, Persib Prepare New Tactics

No Want to Play More Series, Persib Prepare New Tactics

Persib Bandung will host Barito Putera in the league advanced League competition at Starling Harupat Stadium, Soreang, Bandung regency, Monday (09/10/2017).

Both teams ambitious to win to improve the position of the standings in League 1 is not so far away. Currently Persib is ranked 10th, left behind two positions from Barito who is ranked 8th.

Coming to the game, Persib players continue to hold the exercise. However, the third training session held at Lodaya Field, is different from the previous two sessions.

The coach team lowers the intensity of the training, as the game time is getting closer. “If yesterday about 70-80 percent, now to 60 percent.But there are still games,” said assistant coach Persib, Herrie Setyawan, as reported by the official club website.

Tidal is just that, the players are also given a portion of the tactical exercise. This is deliberately given to break the chain of the results of the series that occurred in four previous games.

“We have also entered the scheme to fight Barito Son.What we can anticipate, that we have to make,” said assistant coach Persib this.

N’Douassel Separate Exercises

Ezechiel N’Douassel
Persib Bandung attacker, Ezechiel N’Douassel. (Liputan6.com/Kukuh Saokani)
In this exercise, Febri Hariyadi and Ezechiel N’Douassel are back together with other players. While Achmad Jufriyanto is still absent after strengthening the Indonesian national team in a trial match counter Cambodia, October 4, 2017 ago.

N’Douassel had undergone separate training a few days ago due to a left ankle injury after the match Persib Bandung faced Persiba Balikpapan last weekend.

However, after the observation and treatment by physiotherapy, the Chad striker’s injury can be handled and has returned to training with his colleagues.

The news makes the camp Persib Bandung relieved because Ezechiel became the main pedestal of skeleton line sku Maung Bandung when entertaining Barito Putera.

Ronaldo Will Never Forget Manchester United

Ronaldo Will Never Forget Manchester United

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo says he will not forget Manchester United. His experience at Old Trafford has turned him into a player like now.

Ronaldo revealed this when interviewed by his former team-mate at Man United, Rio Ferdinand.

“I came, I did a fantastic season, I keep improving in every season,” said Ronaldo told Marca.

“It was a great experience and I have never forgotten the Red Devils,” he added.

Ronaldo is in Man United in the 2003 to 2009 season. With the team nicknamed The Red Devils, the Portuguese player won three English League titles and one Champions League title.

Success with the Red Devils, in 2009 Ronaldo decided to move to Santiago Bernabeu, the headquarters of Real Madrid, a place where he has collected three Champions League titles and two La Liga titles up to now. He also expressed his admiration for Real Madrid fans.

“When I landed in Madrid, I started to feel a great atmosphere, I think it was the day because there were so many people coming,” he said.

“All these guys are coming here just to see me, it’s a big surprise to me and that’s a great thing,” added the former Sporting CP player.

Ronaldo also revealed the reason for moving to Spain. He claimed he wanted to find a new challenge to show his quality as a player who can make a difference.

Earlier this season Ronaldo performance in the Spanish League event is not so good. Having missed four first-leg matches due to a five-match domestic ban following a refereeing action in the Spanish Super Cup, the 32-year-old also has not scored in three matches after returning from the penalty.

Performance in the event La Liga is inversely proportional to the action in the Champions League. Of the two games that dilakoni, winning four Ballon d’Or title is already packing four goals.