Ahead of UEFA Super Cup, Manchester United Legend Trio Simbol Keidbatan Zidane

Ahead of UEFA Super Cup, Manchester United Legend Trio Simbol Keidbatan Zidane

Ryan Giggs and Neville brothers explained that Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane has a great capacity. They rate it has been seen since the meeting with Zidane during the active play first.

Born as a great footballer in his generation, Zidane was able to win a number of major trophies at club level. One of his glorious achievements was when he scored two goals in the 1998 World Cup final, and became a key figure of Les Blues victory in the 2000 European Cup.

Asked about who is the most difficult player to face during his active stint, Giggs and Neville brothers call Zidane as the toughest opponent. Also following the name of Romario, Luis Figo, Lionel Messi who became the toughest opponents in recognition of the three legends of the Red Devils.

“You can not let him slip away (Zidane), he’s incredible. His physique looks very strong, especially good technical, good mentality, he is the best opponent I’ve ever faced in a soccer field, “said Giggs in the event Sky Sports Super 6 event.

“Actually, I do not want to be on the pitch. I was in the lineup to play against him at Juventus counter, and I stood beside him and he was incredible. You can see it on television and you think he’s not so big, ”

“He does not have excessive physicality as a player but he uses it the right way and you can not get the ball from him.”

Phil Neville then reinforced the praise of Zidane, but in general repeats Giggs’s words. While Gary Neville added his admiration for Zidane’s football skills.

“His body is incredible, you will go try and grab the ball from him and he will always keep the ball at his feet,” said Gary Neville.

“He will always keep his ball from the opposing team and you can not steal a ball from him because of his size. As Giggs said, he’s a fantastic player. ”

Zidane’s managerial career showed signs that the same route had happened just like when he was still playing. Success always follow the coach with the characteristic of his plontos head.

New coaching Madrid from January 2016, he has won the Champions League twice, once the La Liga title. Zidane had the opportunity to retain the title Super Cup Red Devils midway this week. (Source: Squawka)

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