Stunning Isco Statistics so Worthy is Called King Disco

Stunning Isco Statistics so Worthy is Called King Disco

Isco look very impressive when the Spanish national team melibas Italy 3-0 in 2018 World Cup Qualifier, Sabut (2/9/2017) or Sunday morning GMT Game Judi Online. Nicks two goals to be real evidence how the expertise of Real Madrid striker.

No wonder if the 25-year-old player is flooding praise. He also bears the title of Man of the Match aka the best player in the match at the Santiago Bernabeu.

The ability of a man named Francisco Roman Alarcon Suarez complete in the dribble makes many people think that Spain has got a new Andres Iniesta. Isco also deserves pride because this time he is superior to Iniesta.

According to statistics compiled by Opta, the percentage of Isco’s successful dribel with the Spanish national team for the Group G elimination match reached 65 percent. Of the 20 dribels conducted by Isco at the event, 13 of them were successful.

The number became the most compared to the records of other players in the squad La Furia Roja. The record is quite fantastic considering Isco not downgraded in all the Spanish national team match in World Cup 2018 Qualification.

He played on five occasions and only twice entered as a starting eleven dweller. That is, Isco was able to make dribel records better than his other colleagues in just 229 minutes.

These statistics further prove that Isco dribbled like a berdisko on the field.