Dane Milovanovic: My Condition Starts Improving

Fabiano Beltrame dan Dane Milovanovic merayakan gol ke gawang Gersik United dalam lanjutan pertandingan TSC di Stadion Gelora Bangkalan (SGB) Jumat (4/11/2016).

Dane Milovanovic: My Condition Starts Improving

Midfielder Dane Milovanovic confirmed himself off Madura United (MU) and his health condition began to improve.

Previously, the Australian player was sentenced to symptoms of mental disorders and had to rest for three months.

Dane Milovanovic suffered a head injury in the 11th week of League 1 when Madura United defeated Semen Padang 6-0 in Gelora Bangkalan Stadium, East Java on Monday (06/12/2017).

“Yes, I was out of Madura United, but my condition is improving now,” Dane told reporters on Wednesday (7/19/2017).

“Now I spend time with my family and friends and I will decide my next career after a full recovery,” the player said.

Dane has defended Madura United since the 2017 Toro Football Championship (TSC). His position was threatened with Redouane Zerzouri’s presence at the start of the 2017 season.

Apes, last name smothered with injury in the second week. Therefore, Madura United management decided to re-use the services of Dane.

Meanwhile, Madura United have found a replacement for Dane. He is Cameron Watson, a midfielder who is also from Australia.

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