Doctor Ultimatum Striker Mahal Barcelona

Doctor Ultimatum Striker Mahal Barcelona

Dr. Sakari Orava gave the ultimatum to Barcelona’s expensive striker Ousmane Dembele The muscle expert asked Dembele not to think about the many things that caused her stress.

Dembele suffered a hamstring injury when Barcelona won 2-1 at Getafe on 16 September. The striker, who bought Barcelona 145 million euros it should be absent for four months.

“For now, Dembele’s recovery is going well, he is like any other young player, very optimistic to be healed,” said Orava, a doctor who oversaw Dembele’s injury, quoted by FourFourTwo.

Only, Orava asks Dembele not to think of his status as the most expensive young player in the world. It would make the 20-year-old striker suffered excessive stress.

“I ask him to be more careful during the rehabilitation period, he feels uncomfortable because of the pressure around him I think his transfer to Barcelona could affect his injury recovery,” he said.

Dembele has appeared in three games with Barcelona with a duration of playing for 122 minutes. The Frenchman has recorded a donation of one assist.

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