Mirabelli: Donnarumma’s Sister Is Not A Parcel

Mirabelli: Donnarumma’s Sister Is Not A Parcel Milan’s sporting director, Massimiliano Mirabelli insists Antonio Donnarumma is not a parcel and is not only imported to accompany Gigio Sbobet Casino Terpercaya.

Antonio joined Milan on the same day when Gianluigi signed his signature on the contract for four seasons, but Mirabelli confirmed that the 27-year-old goalkeeper was suggested by coach Vincenzo Montella.

“The first thing to do is renew the Gigio contract, and I immediately thought of bringing in his brother, Antonio too,” he told the media.

“I know him well and many have already talked about his arrival, but the fact is that I really want him, to bring his family back together.

“The technical assessment is in the first position and I think Antonio could be the 12th player for Milan.

“He’s not a parcel like people say. I am sorry for what has been written in the media. Montella also supports this.

“No one wins or loses in this contract renewal, we want to keep him, but as we do with our conditions. I am proud to introduce Donnarumma duo.

Antonio added: “I must thank Fassone and Mirabelli. I am really happy to be here with my sister.

“It is wonderful for me to return to Milanelli and meet the same people as before.

“I will be in the same dressing room as my sister and I am very happy.”

Milan CEO Marco Fassone admits his club will not forget about the oblique issues regarding the new Donnarumma contract.

“Today is a special and important day,” he told a news conference.

“We are not just holding a press conference for contract renewal, but also for the madness during the long and tiring process.

“Donnarumma will stay with us for the next four seasons. We’ve all turned 18 and we understand how difficult it is to make a decision at such a young age.

“He decided to put his trust in this club, proving his confidence in Milan’s plan.

“It is understandable that he has some doubts, but now I am proud to have a voice with him.

“Problems that pass over time will be forgotten. Remember is Gianluigi Donnaruma a great goalkeeper. “

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