Persegres Appoint Khusairi Replace Suwandi HS

Khusairi (kanan) saat bertukar pikiran dengan Hanafi sambil memantau skuad Persegres berlatih jelang pertandingan Liga 1 2017.

Persegres Appoint Khusairi Replace Suwandi HS

Not go from the bottom board in the standings of the League 1 competition, making the management Persegres Gresik United began to make a wave of reform Agen Bola Online.

The first step is targeting the coach sector. The position of assistant coach previously occupied by Suwandi HS, now changed along with the joining of Khusairi. Last name had helped Widodo Cahyono Putro, in handling Sriwijaya FC before League 1 begins.

“Persegres started this afternoon officially changing the position of assistant coach, from Suwandi to Khusairi. Hanafi’s position remains the head coach. Pudji Handoko (another assistant coach) and Ahmad Nurosadi (goalkeeping coach) remain, “said media officer Persegres, Sahlul Fahmi, Friday (21/07/2017).

Sahlul also explained the reason for the change according to the management team Laskar Joko Samudro as a refresher step before entering the second round.

The selection of Khusairi is based on the rotation of talent of coaches in Gresik. Hopefully, all the talent coaches in Gresik get the same opportunity.

“In addition, Khusairi has a qualified experience in training so it is expected to lift the achievement Persegres in the second round later,” said Sahlul.

Meanwhile, to close the hole after the death of Satria Tama who strengthen the national team U-22 Indonesia, Persegres select two goalkeepers, Choirun Nasirin and Firmansyah.

Nasirin previously been recorded defending Persela Lamongan, Perseru Serui, and Perssu Sumenep. Firmansyah was last known to strengthen Persita Tangerang.

“For the position of attackers, currently there are also two players from Papua selection, namely Ananias Fingkrew and Ferry Kabeth. Ananias previously played in PSPS Pekanbaru, and Ferry played at PS Mataram, “said Sahlul.

In the next game in advanced Liga 1, Persegres is scheduled to host Sriwijaya FC on Monday (7/24/2017).

They played the game at Surajaya Stadium, Lamongan, because GOR Tri Dharma which is in a complex of Petrochemical Stadium used to hold Asian Men’s Volleyball Championship 2017.

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